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Study Strategies and Resources

In this space, you can chat with an Alumni Navigator and explore a variety of topics related to study skills and resources.

Overcoming Test Anxiety Introduction

Steps to Overcoming Test Anxiety

Overcoming Test Anxiety


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1. Know the Test: Explore any available test preparation or study resources.

2. Create a Study Routine: A routine helps create consistency. Study at the same time, designate a study location and keep all materials together.

3. Relax: Relaxation helps relieve anxiety. Take an afternoon walk, read, or practice mindful breathing.

4. Exercise and Rest: Exercise and rest relieves tension. 

5. Seek Support: Attend workshops and power hours to learn test-taking strategies and connect with other students.

6. Mindful Breathing: Close your eyes, slowly inhale, and exhale to the count of five.

7. Avoid Cramming: Cramming may lead to additional stress and less sleep, so be sure to plan ahead.

8. Eat Wisely: An important part of test prep involves self-care and nutrients to fuel the brain and body.

9. Think Positively: Instead of thinking, “I’m sure to fail,” think positively. Replace negative thoughts with positive phrases: “I will succeed.”

10. Carefully Read Directions: Thoroughly read the test directions, questions, and answers. Slowing down to understand the test helps avoid mistakes and may help reduce stress.