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LED-6030 v1

Leadership in the 21st Century

Required Resources

Review the textbook chapters, articles, and video below to assist you with your studies this week. The following readings are the same for Modules 7 and 8. Students must complete all readings by the end of Module 8.  


The Fifth Discipline

Senge, P. (2006). The fifth discipline: The art and practice of the learning organization. Revised and updated. Currency Doubleday. 

  • Please read Appendix 1, 2, and 3 
    • Appendix 1: The Learning Disciplines- this chapter explains the three-stage continuum for developing new capacities that is helpful in approaching all the learning disciplines. 

    • Appendix 2: Systems Archetypes- this chapter discusses additional information on system archetypes including balancing process with delay, limits to growth, shifting the burden, eroding goals, escalation, success to the successful, tragedy of the commons, fixes that fail, and growth and underinvestment. 

    • Appendix 3: The U Process- this chapter introduces the U-Process to help group sensing, presencing, and realizing and it discusses how the five disciplines may be used in all three phases of the U-Process. 

Please access this textbook via the RedShelf link in the Course Resources section of the Getting Started module.

  •  Please read Chapter 10 and Epilogue 
    • Chapter 10: The Real World- in this chapter, the autor describes how the science of leadership and organization require a new approach to leadership. Real-world examples such as Hurricane Katrina and Learning from Terrorist Groups are discussed to help understand how the scientific lens works.  

    • Epilogue: Journey to a New World- this chapter includes final thoughts by the author on the importance of changing one’s way of thinking about leadership within organizations; “this is a strange world that only gets stranger,” thus the need to appraoch leadership from a scientific lens.  



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