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Module 1 Required Resources


Stone, C. B. (2022). Ethics and law: School counseling principles (5th ed.). American School Counselor Association. ISBN: 1929289693

  • Chapter 1: Introduction
    • In this first chapter, you will review and become acquainted with the ethics of the school counseling profession, including the STEPS Model for ethical decision-making.
  • Chapter 2: Professionalism
    • This chapter articulates the core characteristics that distinguish the school counseling profession from other occupations. You will explore relevant case studies regarding professional challenges such as dual relationships that school and college counselors often face.
  • Chapter 3: Cyberspace
    • This chapter discusses the influence technology has had on the way school and college counselors interact with students, school personnel, and parents/guardians. Direct student services in synchronous and asynchronous online delivery is discussed.
  • Chapter 4: FERPA  
    • This chapter leads school counselors through the primary FERPA guidelines that will protect student confidentiality under FERPA legislation.  The chapter explores these guidelines through relevant case studies.
  • Chapter 14: Legal and Ethical Advocacy
    • An important chapter explains the ethical standards relating to advocacy for all students and describes how a school counselor’s behavior promotes equity and opportunity for all students.  Discusses why school counselors must challenge institutional barriers to promote success for all students.



Optional Resources