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Module 2 Required Resources


Stone, C. B. (2022). Ethics and law: School counseling principles (5th ed.). American School Counselor Association. ISBN: 1929289693

  • Chapter 5: Negligence
    • This chapter is designed to help familiarize school counselors with their obligation to students in issues involving the court system, specifically regarding negligence.
  • Chapter 6: Obligations to School Board Policies and Federal, State, and Case Law
    • An informative chapter explores the complexity and basis for justice on which the entire educational and legal systems are founded and the importance of the counselor’s understanding of the nature of the school district’s obligation to the judicial system. 
  • Chapter 9: Sexually Active students
    • This chapter deals with the highly sensitive and value-laden issue of sexually active students and examines working with minors around this delicate topic.
  • Chapter 10: LGBTQ+ Students
    • An important chapter discusses the school and college counselor’s leadership and advocacy role in creating a safe and inclusive school environment for LGBTQ+ students.
  • Chapter 11: Sexual Harassment
    • This chapter discusses the role of the U.S. Department of Education for Civil Rights in sexual harassment and dating violence and discusses the elements of the sexual harassment policy and how a policy can be put into practice.


Landmark Cases