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Lesson 1

To gain a better understanding of each vulnerability, go to the website:  Click on each of the 10 security risks and review the Overview, Description, How to Prevent, and Example Attack Scenarios sections.

Database management security is especially important for database administrators or web application developers.  Unfortunately, almost any web application can be hacked, but a database’s sensitive data must be kept as safe as possible.  However, keeping databases safe is a complicated and continuous process.  Often a simple flaw can result in the most destructive attacks.  By focusing on the fundamentals, database administrators can maximize database security and minimize vulnerabilities. 

So far, you have examined vulnerabilities regarding databases.  However, databases are not the only place data is stored, and oftentimes, there is a need to store and/or archive data outside of a database.  It might be easy to overlook the vulnerabilities and security of data storage platforms which make data even more vulnerable.  Review the ACI/ITPro video below to get an understanding of common vulnerabilities associated with storage systems.

Data Storage System Vulnerabilities (12m 55s)

All day long, data is being collected and stored, creating a very desired target for attackers. In this episode, you will explore the common data storage platforms and discuss the prevalent vulnerabilities that can lead to a data breach.

Lesson 2