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Module 2 Required Resources


Data Visualization: Exploring and Explaining with Data
Camm, J. D., Cochran, J. J., Fry, M. J., & Ohlmann, J. W. (2022). Data visualization: Exploring and explaining with data. Cengage.

  • Chapter 3. Data Visualization and Design focus on visualization strategies and frameworks (Gestalt Principles), techniques (e.g., reducing eye travel), and avoiding common mistakes.
  • Chapter 4. Purposeful Use of Color outlines a variety of ways that color can be used to exemplify or attract attention to specific information and data points.
  • Chapter 5. Visualizing Variability covers practices and recommendations to use when using visualization to representant various analyses.

Your course textbook can be accessed via MindTap in Module 2.

Module 2 Additional Resources

Additional resources have been provided to support your learning and strengthen your understanding of data visualization components and features. Reviewing the additional resources can help you deepen your understanding of the material, fill in knowledge gaps, and help you prepare for exams and assignments. The resources can also broaden your knowledge and provide alternative approaches to your learning.

Chart Suggestions - A thought-Starter from the Extreme Presentation
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5 Tips on Designing Colorblind-Friendly Visualizations
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How to Pick More Beautiful Colors for Your Data Visualizations
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Textual and Tabular Presentation of Data
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The Data Visualization Catalog
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The 14 Best Types of Charts and Graphs for Data Visualization
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The Role of Color Theory in Data Visualization
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The Ultimate Guide to Data Visualization: Charts, Graphs, and Everything in Between
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