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Module 4 Required Resources


Data Visualization: Exploring and Explaining with Data
Camm, J. D., Cochran, J. J., Fry, M. J., & Ohlmann, J. W. (2022). Data visualization: Exploring and explaining with data. Cengage.

  • Chapter 9. Telling the Truth with Data Visualization
    • The chapter provides approaches to use to accurately and effectively represent data through assessing design, bias, and errors.

Your course textbook can be accessed via MindTap in Module 4.

Module 4 Additional Resources

The following resources provide enhanced strategies that support effective methods used to share data and insights. Reviewing the additional resources can help you deepen your understanding of the material, fill in knowledge gaps, and help you prepare for exams and assignments. The resources can also broaden your knowledge and provide alternative approaches to your learning.

Present Your Data Like a Pro
Schwartzberg, J. (2020, February 24). Present your data like a pro. Harvard Business Review. Retrieved March 10, 2023, from

Turning Bad Charts into Compelling Data Stories
TedX. (2019, November 26). Turning bad charts into compelling data stories - Dominic Bohan [Video]. YouTube.

The Power in Effective Data Storytelling
TedX. (2018, August 30). The power in effective data storytelling - Malavica Sridhar [Video]. YouTube.