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Module 2 Required Resources


Read the following chapters:

  • Chapter 5 - Curriculum Planning  
    • This chapter is designed to gain insight into the various methods and strategies for curriculum planning such as planning decisions and organizational structures. 

  • Chapter 6 - Improving the Program of Studies  
    • In this chapter, you will learn about reconceptualizing programs, operationalizing change, and the importance of data analysis.  

  • Chapter 7 - Improving a Field of Study  
    • The focus of this chapter includes exploring diagnostic-prescriptive models, and key strategies and techniques relating to collaborative leadership, mapping curriculum and preparations for teaching a culturally diverse classroom.

  • Chapter 14 – Current Development Across the Curriculum 
    • In this chapter, you will focus on the key takeaways for assisting English learners. 

  • Chapter 15 – Individualizing the Curriculum 
    • In this chapter, you will learn about strategies for supporting students with special needs. 

Your course textbook can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.