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ITI690: Inspired Teaching Inquiry: Find Journal Articles

Key Education Research Databases

Use the discipline databases below to find research articles for your assignments

Database Search Strategy

Key Word Model
Follow the format below to help you construct an effective article search:

Search Format: Main idea AND secondary idea AND population

Example: student engagement AND best practices AND adolescents


Search Terms and Concepts
The bolded words below represent the main ideas in each topic. Feel free to explore and adapt these searches to find articles to fit your needs:

Need a Research Study?

Try adding research terms to your searches. This doesn't guarantee that every article on your results list will be a research study, but it does improve your chances! See Recognize Research Articles for more information on how to identify a research study.

Search Tip: Use research terms as search terms

Week 1 Assignment 1-A Educational Theorists

Access articles written by or about the theorists below.

Week 1 Discussion & Week 2-3 Literature Searching Activities

Explore and adapt the following article searches on your recommended research topics.