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COM603 v1

Module 3: Required Textbook Chapters


The New Rules of Marketing and PR: How to Use Content Marketing, Podcasting, Social Media, AI, Live Video, and Newsjacking to Reach Buyers Directly

Scott, D. M. (2022). The new rules of marketing and PR: How to use content marketing, podcasting, social media, AI, live video, and newsjacking to reach buyers directly (8th ed.). John Wiley & Sons.

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Influencer Marketing for Brands: What YouTube and Instagram Can Teach You about the Future of Digital Advertising

Levin, A. (2020). Influencer marketing for brands: What YouTube and Instagram can teach you about the future of digital advertising. Apress L.P.

  • Chapter 7 (pp. 119-138): By reading this chapter, you'll gain insights into effectively integrating influencer marketing into your broader strategy, focusing on defining clear marketing objectives, selecting appropriate KPIs, crafting creative campaign ideas, and budgeting wisely. You'll learn the importance of a structured approach through the Four-Step Influencer Marketing Framework to ensure influencer marketing efforts are both strategic and aligned with your overall marketing goals. 

Required Article, Blog, or Website

Optional Resources

This is a curated list of current resources that will help you identify which metrics you should track on social media. Remember, this landscape evolves rapidly, with metrics changing quickly alongside the emergence of new platforms. Stay proactive by engaging in your own search for new metrics and platforms gaining popularity. Adaptability and continuous learning are crucial in navigating this dynamic field effectively!