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SoALS ENG240: Advanced Composition Resources

Welcome to ENG 240: Writing in the Disciplines

Writing in the Disciplines

In English 240, you will begin to explore the writing and research conventions in your field. Your main task will be to write an argumentative research paper on a debatable topic in your major. This Course Reading Guide will aid you on that project. The faculty members at National University and our research librarians have compiled a series of interesting readings for each undergraduate major that requires this class. The articles chosen represent a wide array of debatable issues in each academic major. They are meant to give you several possible starting points for entering an academic conversation in your field.

Find your program/major on the menu to the left. The programs are listed by college, and each program in that college has its own section. After you find your program, read through the articles in your major. If you have not chosen a major yet or are pursuing a General Studies degree, you may select any program that interests you. This might be a good opportunity for you to explore different fields so you can decide on a major later in your academic career.