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Lesson 7 Required Resources


Essentials of Next-Generation Sports Speed Training 

Dintiman, G. (2020). Essentials of next-generation sports speed training. The National Association of Speed & Explosion (NASE). Healthy Learning. 


  • Chapter 5: Step #2—Form and Technique Training.
  • Chapter 6: Step #3—Strength Training to Increase Ground Reaction Force.
  • Chapter 7: Step #4—Neuromuscular Training (Increasing the Rate of Force Production and the Speed and Distance of Flight).
  • Chapter 8: Step #5—Sport-Specific Speed Endurance.
  • Chapter 9: Basic Concepts for Multidirectional Training.
  • Chapter 10: Periodization and Program Design.

Your course textbook can be accessed via the Redshelf link in the Getting Started module.

Lesson 8 Required Resources