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About the National University Library, its services, staff, and available resources

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Vision, Mission, and Values


The NU Library strives to embody the academic core of the university, provide premier resources and innovative services, and empower its global and diverse community along the path of intellectual inquiry and life-long learning.


National University Library provides a transformative learning environment where knowledge creation and scholarly collaboration take place beyond walls. In support of the University’s Teaching through Engagement Model, the library leverages its staff expertise, innovative technology, and strategic partnerships to elevate our unique and diverse learning community through the curation and accessibility of dynamic resources and services.

NU Library Values:

  • Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion: We build, foster, and maintain a climate of intellectual freedom that respects and celebrates differences of identity, experience, and perspective to reduce barriers to research, learning, and engagement.
  • Innovation, Curiosity & Inquiry: We cultivate curiosity and foster inquiry within the learning community by promoting knowledge and use of library resources, adopting emerging technologies and innovative delivery modalities, and investing in ongoing development and expertise of staff.
  • Access: We provide equitable access to information resources in multiple formats to meet users’ academic and research needs. Library team members engage in resource development to ensure quality and relevance in the NU Library collection.
  • Lifelong Learning & Scholarship: We promote lifelong learning and scholarship through the provision of library resources and services from program commencement to graduation and beyond.
  • Service: We provide unprecedented service, prioritizing the needs of our users and compassionately and professionally communicating, assisting, and instructing through innovative modalities