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Library Usage Policy

Northcentral University Library Conditions of Use Policy

The following conditions apply to the usage of the Northcentral University Library's electronic resources. To ensure the legal and ethical use of these resources, please read and comply with these conditions.

Licensing Restrictions

The Library, a service of Northcentral University, subscribes to a variety of databases, full-text journal collections, and other resources or services for which the University contracted with a publisher or vendor to receive or for which it receives as part of its participation in lending consortiums. Licensing restrictions required by publishers and/or vendors who produce electronic resources or services require limiting the access to the resources and/or services to authorized users.

Violation of terms of the license agreement could result in cancelation of the service for the entire University.

Authorized Users

Authorized users may use the electronic resources solely for scholarly, research, or educational purposes. Authorized users consist of currently registered students, alumni (restricted use – see below), and currently employed team members and faculty of the University. Remote access to resources is limited to authorized users. The University is required to restrict access to authorized users by verifying usernames and passwords, or by restricting access to IP (internet protocol) addresses on the University's server.

Giving unauthorized users access to usernames, passwords or other identifying information is a violation of the publisher-library agreements and may result in disciplinary or legal action. Redistribution of copyrighted, electronic resources to unauthorized users is also prohibited, including printouts. Northcentral University reserves the right to terminate electronic services to users who repeatedly infringe upon the rights of copyright owners.

Alumni Access

Northcentral University alumni are permitted access to certain databases approved by the University. Database access is available on the Alumni Databases page in the Library.  Alumni databases are to be used for personal purposes and scholarly research only, not for business or commercial purposes.

10/20/20104 - Office of the Registrar - © 2014 Northcentral University

Library Code of conduct


Northcentral University has established the following Code of Conduct for students. Each student is expected to understand the terms and conditions set forth in this Policy. (See the Team Handbook and Faculty Handbook for the Code of Conduct applicable to team members and faculty.)

Northcentral is committed to maintaining a community with exceptional ethical standards of professional and academic conduct. Substantiated violations may result in disciplinary sanctions, up to and including expulsion from the University.

Community members of the University are expected to conduct themselves professionally, and refrain from acts of misconduct including but not limited to the following six categories:

  • Dishonesty, cheating, plagiarism, misrepresentation or furnishing false information, forgery, or misuse of academic or administrative materials.
  • Harassment, stalking, humiliation, name-calling, the use of insulting or offensive language, cyber-bullying, threatening communications, abuse and intimidation.
  • Conduct, in speech, written communication or behavior, that is disrespectful or unprofessional or racist, sexist, ageist, or that is otherwise prejudicial against a particular community or social group.
  • Disruption or obstruction of the normal operations of the University; including unauthorized use of any of the University’s facilities, informational or material properties, and resources.
  • Conduct that is disorderly, lewd, lascivious, indecent, sexually abusive, or otherwise inappropriate, or that constitutes a breach of the peace; including violation of the University’s policy that prohibits bringing alcohol, recreational drugs, or firearms onto University property or any location during a University-sponsored event.
  • Failure to cooperate during a University investigation.

All members of the University community who become aware of violations of the Code of Conduct have a responsibility to report them to the appropriate authority. For violations of an academic nature, the appropriate authority is the relevant Dean or Provost. For minor violations of an interpersonal nature, the appropriate authority is the relevant Director or member of the Senior Leadership Team. For violations, including any instance of intimidation or sexual harassment, the violation must be reported to the Chief of Human Resources and/or the President.

The Dean will review the charges presented thus the ownership of the investigation (including supporting documentation) should fall on the reporting party.



Through the student online courseroom, Northcentral University provides students with access to course rooms, messaging system, Library and other academic resources. The University also provides computer, network, Internet, Intranet, and email access for team members and faculty for performance of their job functions. This access carries certain responsibilities and obligations as to what constitutes acceptable use of the institution’s network. This policy explains how information technology (IT) resources are to be used and specifies what actions are prohibited. No policy can cover every situation, and all users are expected to use common sense when using institutional resources. Questions on what constitutes acceptable use should be directed to the user’s team leader, instructor, or Academic Advisor.

When utilizing University IT resources, all institutional policies are in effect at all times. Any student, team member, or faculty member who abuses the privilege of Northcentral facilitated access to student or faculty online courseroom, e-mail, or the Internet may be denied access to and, if appropriate, be subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination or dismissal from the University.


The scope of this policy includes any and all use of institutional IT resources, including but not limited to, the student and faculty online courseroom, computer systems, phones, email, the network, network resources, and University Internet and Intranet connections.

Northcentral recognizes that use of e-mail and the Internet make communication more efficient and effective. However, Internet service and e-mail are valuable, costly resources and their purpose is to facilitate Northcentral business. Irresponsible use reduces their availability for critical business operations, compromises security and network integrity, and leaves Northcentral open to potentially damaging litigation. All use of the Northcentral University IT resources must be in support of business, education, and research consistent with the purposes of Northcentral University. This policy discusses acceptable usage for computers, e-mail, and the Internet.