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SCoE: Diversity in Education

This guide is for the subject Diversity in Education. It contains resources available in the NU Library.

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Research on Diversity Competency

Most cultural competencies are based on the relationship of students and teachers and their communication:

  • Creating a Working Atmosphere: Student behavior and student attention and engagement
  • Creating a Safe Atmosphere: Positive teacher-student (and peer) relationships
  • Language Difference Awareness: Functional view of language
  • Making Content Comprehensible: Reading and vocabulary strategies; use of more visual techniques
  • Creating Opportunities for Language Development: Value of writing and talking and use of open-ended questions
  • Expanding Language Proficiency in Content Areas: Scaffold student's learning; incorporate second-language teaching strategies

[Citation: den Brok, P., van Eerde, D., & Hajer, M. (2010). Classroom Interaction Studies as a Source for Teacher Competencies: The Use of Case Studies with Multiple Instruments for Studying Teacher Competencies in Multicultural Classes. Teachers and Teaching: Theory and Practice, 16(6), 717-733. Retrieved from ERIC database.]

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