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A centralized guide for students on the functionality of NCUOne.

NCUOne 2.0 Mobile Access

Log In To Mobile Site

NCUOne has better accessibility across most devices. In the mobile web browser, go to and enter the username and password.

Pick an account  Enter password screen

The homepage looks very similar to the desktop version with a minor change. Courses can be accessed by clicking on the icon or the link. Clicking on this icon will direct users to a menu of options.

Homepage with course menu highlighted


Accessing courses

Click on the icon to view all courses. 

Homepage with course menu highlighted  List of courses in course menu


Submitting assignments

Similar to the desktop version, students are able to access the weekly course content.  

List of weekly course content

Click on the assignment icon to upload an assignment saved on your mobile device.

Assignment upload icon

To begin, click on the upload button and select the document to be turned in.

Submit an assignment screen upload button

The “Submitted Successfully” box will appear if the upload was successful.

Submit an assignment screen Submitted Successfully  Submit an assignment screen showing docx file

NCUOne Mobile App Iphone/Android

What is NCUOne?

NCUOne is Northcentral University's learning management system, where you can view your courses, receive important announcements, access the Commons, and link to various resource centers, including the Library, Academic Success Center, Center for Teaching and Learning, and Dissertation Center. 

More information about navigating NCUOne and its features is available here: 

Installing the Brightspace Pulse by D2L Corporation Mobile App for Access to NCUOne

Access to NCUOne is provided through the Brightspace Pulse by D2L Corporation mobile app. The app allows you to stay connected and on track with your courses by providing an easy view of calendars, readings, assignments, grades, and news. You'll also receive real-time alerts and updates for important announcements or when new grades are available. 

Accessing NCUOne through the Brightspace Pulse App

  1. Once you have installed the Brightspace Pulse app on your device, click Get Started and follow the prompts that follow to access NCUOne.             Get Started screen for Brightspace Pulse Mobile App                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              
  2. Search for Northcentral University in the institution search bar and select Northcentral University                                         Select institution in Brightspace Pulse Mobile App as Northcentral University                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               
  3. Login to the app using your NU email account and password credentials.                       NCUOne login screen on Brightspace Pulse Mobile App                                                                                                                                                                                                                   
  4. Access course content, calendars, and updates from within the app.                         Access course content in Brightspace Pulse App Access calendars in Brightspace Pulse Mobile App Access updates and announcements through Brightspace Pulse Mobile App

What is CamScanner? 

CamScanner is a free scanner app that helps users scan, edit, store, and sync contents across smartphones, iPads, tablets, and computers. Turn your smartphone into a PDF scanner and save content in multiple file formats.

Installing the CamScanner App

CamScanner App Features

  • Free Mobile Scanner: Scan documents into a clear or sharp image or PDF to share via email, save to your cloud, or send to print.
  • Optimize Scan Quality: Smart cropping and auto enhancing to make text and graphics look sharp.
  • Share PDF/JPEG files: Easily share documents in PDF or JPEG format with others via social media, email attachment or sending a document link.
  • Air Print: Instantly print out documents from CamScanner to a nearby printer using AirPrint.

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