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A centralized guide for students on the functionality of NCUOne.

Logging into NCUOne


Note: Login with your email address (first letter of first name, period, last name, and last 4 of your student ID). Ex:

NCUOne login link

Enter your password and click Sign In to enter the NCUOne Platform.

Enter password screen

If this is the first time logging into NCUOne, you will need to accept your course.

Access your course by clicking on the selected course under the My Courses widget. Click on the button for the course you want to access.

My Courses example list

You can also access your courses from the Select a course icon in the top navigation bar.

Select a course menu

Troubleshooting Common Login Issues


Forgot Password: If you forget your password go to and click the option Forgot Password.

Forgot password link highlighed  

The security captcha is case sensitive and contains a space.

Forgot password captcha example

Error Messages

If You Receive the Following Error: Sorry, but we’re having trouble signing you in. We received a bad request.

These errors can occur before you are prompted to enter your email and password to log in. This will indicate what is causing the bad request, and the most common cause is the browser remembering a previous Microsoft login (including personal,, accounts, accounts, o365 accounts associated with work or another institution, etc.).

How to Fix the Issue:

a. Try a different browser

b. Try using incognito or private browsing

a. Internet Explorer: Private Browsing – Press Ctrl+Shift+P, or at the Gear icon in the top right corner click and select Safety and InPrivate Browsing

b. Firefox: Private Browsing – From the 3 bold lines in the top right, click and select New Private Window

c. Chrome: - Incognito Browsing – Press Ctrl+Shift+N, or at the 3 dots in the top right corner, click and select New Incognito Window

c. Clear your cookies and cache (


If You Receive the Following Error: We don’t recognize this user ID or Password. Be sure to type the password for your work or school account.

a. Have you created your account? This is done through password reset or the final step of the enrollment process.

b. Try resetting your password using the instructions above *There is a wait time for the passwords to fully sync, up to 20 minutes

c. Contact the Service Desk for additional assistance if none of these steps resolve the issue


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