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Diversity Committee

SSBS Diversity Committee Mission

The NU SSBS Diversity and Community Committee is committed to welcoming and celebrating all who are diverse in age, nation of origin, ethnicity, culture, ability, race, health status, religious and spiritual practices, immigration status, language, gender identity or expression, and sexual orientation. We value respectful dialogue and collaborative discussions that serve to educate and promote an inclusive environment for the NU SSBS community. This Committee aims to serve SSBS administrators, staff, faculty, and students by treating all members of the community with respect, equity, and appreciation and by committing to assisting NU in its larger mission to be an inclusive and diverse learning environment. The Committee exists to promote and strengthen efforts towards equity, inclusion, and social justice in the NU SSBS community, consistent with recommendations from our accrediting bodies, to support and train our students in the helping professions. Our primary objective is to assess and improve the quality and breadth of diversity considerations within the SSBS community through faculty and student engagement.

SSBS Diversity Videos

SSBS Diversity Resources

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