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*College of Law & Public Service: Get Started with NU Library

Learn how to navigate the library website, databases, and more!


Welcome to the College of Law and Public Service: Get Started with NU Library guide.

Here, you'll learn how to use the library and find resources to help you succeed in with your degree!


JFK Law School Resources

Legal Consultations

Legal Research Consultations

Legal Research Consultations are live, one-on-one sessions available for JFK School of Law students and NU Paralegal students.

Some of the topics a consultation can cover include:

  • Navigating Westlaw Edge, Lexis + (JFK Students) and LexisNexis (Paralegal students).
  • Locating federal and state case law, statutes and regulations.
  • Researching a legal topic using both primary and secondary sources such as legal encyclopedias, practice treatises, West keynotes, etc.
  • Orientation to bar prep resources, exam prep, and study aid materials for law students.
  • Textbook access questions for law students.
  • And any other legal research questions you may have.

Book an appointment and please provide as much detail as possible on your legal research question.

If you need help with APA, mechanics, style of writing, synthesis, analysis, or citation formatting, please contact the Academic Success Center for support.

Book a Legal Research Consultation