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Learn the Library

This guide will help familiarize you with how to use the library to conduct research, as well as introduce the general library services that are offered.

Live Webinars

Live Webinars

The Library offers a variety of live webinars. We encourage students to explore the Library Webinars page to find out what is offered so that they may work collaboratively with our Library team and other students on different research topics and issues.

Below is a list of some highly recommended webinars. 

NU Library Orientation Library Orientation - This group session will introduce students to the Library's website and will provide instruction on how to access the Library's research resources and services. This is a key group session for all students to start with.


Advanced Search SkillsAdvanced Search Skills - This engaging, skill-building session will dive deep into database search techniques. Go beyond basic keyword searching to mastering Boolean operators, truncation, phrases, subject terms, field codes, and proximity. Come prepared to share your questions.


Library Basic TrainingLibrary Basic Training: Resources for Doctoral Success - Perfect for students starting their doctoral journey. Library Basic Training reviews the most important resources for your dissertation research. Learn how to search for scholarly articles and dissertations, place Interlibrary Loan requests, find information about research methodology and design, use Google Scholar, and more.

Tech for SuccessTech Skills for Success! - This collaborative workshop will provide an overview of basic computer terminology, as well as demonstrate how to utilize digital tools and technology to complete your work with ease. Digital literacy is essential for you in an online program, and will free up your time for your actual studies! This session is great for those who have been out of school for a while or who want to brush up on their digital literacy skills.