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NSG460 & NSG460A: Community Healthcare: Windshield Survey

Course Guide for NSG 460 and 460A

Windshield Assignment Description

A windshield survey is the process of driving or walking through a community to assess its strengths, limitations, and opportunities for growth. As you walk/drive through the community, you will collect data. This process is called a community assessment and should include both a firsthand experience of the community and an examination of published data on the community. 

Here are some ways of finding information for this assignment:

Database perusal:

  • Data Axle Solutions
  • US governmental websites
  • State and local websites
  • Chamber of Commerce websites
  • The local newspaper
  • The Census Bureau
  • CDC statistics
  • Community webpages or blogs

Other Resources:

  • county and state health departments
  • city data
  • Health and Human Service (HRSA) and other trusted web resources and primary data source