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Proofreading Service

This guide provides information related to registering and scheduling proofreading sessions.

Purchasing Your Desired Proofreading Service

The purchasing information on this page is for students who access their courses through the NCUOne platform.

NCUOne Student Proofreading Purchases

You can access the payment portal from the Proofreading Service page in the Commons.

A complete list of services and the associated costs are available in the Available Services section of the Home tab located on the right side of the page.

After identifying your selection, you can make your purchase using the provided payment portal.

  • Step 1 - Select the Duration and Cost menu
  • Step 2 - Select the desired Duration

Duration and Cost grid with arrows pointing to each


  • Step 3 - Complete the payment information

Payment area

Once payment is complete, take a screenshot or photograph of the payment confirmation page. You will upload this along with your document when scheduling an appointment. 

 A receipt for your purchase should also be sent to the email listed on the payment confirmation screen.

If you are not able to screenshot the confirmation page and do not receive a receipt within 2 hours, contact ASC Chat for a replacement receipt.



  • Step 4 - Access the Proofreading Service schedule
  • Step 5 - Select the appointment duration that corresponds with your purchase

Schedule Options

  • Step 6 - Select the first available white block that corresponds to your purchased session duration


  • Step 7 - Complete the appointment form
  • Step 8 - Upload your document and the payment receipt

Proofreading Appointment form

  • Step 9 - Select Create Appointment

    Create Appointment


Sprint to the Finish

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