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Proofreading Service

This guide provides information related to registering and scheduling proofreading sessions.

Purchasing Your Desired Proofreading Service

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The purchasing information on this page is for students who access their courses through the NU Single Sign-On (SSO) platform.

NU SSO Student Proofreading Purchases

Please follow these steps to purchase and schedule your desired proofreading service. You will need to upload a copy of your receipt when scheduling the appointment.  

Step 1: Decide what service you would like to purchase.

  • Service List - A complete list of services and the associated costs are available in the Available Services section of the Home tab located on the right side of the page.

Step 2: Complete the purchase following the steps below. 

Step 3: Locate the email receipt. Save the email as a pdf or complete a screenshot as a copy is needed for the appointment scheduling process. 

Step 4: Access Proofreading Schedule.  

 Step 5: Schedule the proofreading session. Remember to upload the document and receipt. 

 Step 6: Download your feedback and coaching plan.

  • Your written and video feedback will be uploaded to your appointment space no later than three (3) days after the scheduled appointment date.

Payment Procedure

Step 1- Sign in at your NU Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On Page

Step 2- Click on your student chiclet.

Student Portal Icon

Step 3- Select My Finances.

My Finances with red arrow

Step 4- Purchase Miscellaneous NU Items.

Purchase Item Option with Arrow

Step 5- Select Purchase Item tab if not the default.

Purchase tab circled in blue

Step 6- Identify the time option that matches your desired Proofreading Service.

Service Time List

  • Select a service title to read a brief description.

Service Description

Step 7- Enter the desired quantity.

Quantity options


Step 8- Select Calculate Total and Next.

Calculate and Next buttons

Step 9- Confirm Order screen will appear. If correct select Next.

Confirm Purchase

Step 10- Continue to make payment.

  • Most can ignore Safari message.

Continue to payment screen

Step 11- Follow the prompts for entering your payment information.

Payment entry third party

Step 12- Select Submit button if selection and payment is correct.

Submit payment

Success!! You will receive a confirmation announcement!

Payment Confirmation


**If you experience any difficulties completing your purchase, please use the How to make a payment and Ask for Help options at the top of each screen.

Help button