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Proofreading Service

This guide provides information related to registering and scheduling proofreading sessions.

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Reviews are completed asynchronously with a Coaching Plan and reviewed document available within three days of the appointment date. Same-day appointments are unavailable for scheduling.


Scheduling one of the services available for purchase?

  • Please visit the Proofreading Service Page in the Commons to complete your purchase prior to scheduling your proofreading appointment.


Scheduling a Sprint to the Finish session?

Scheduling a Proofreading Appointment

Scheduling Your Proofreading Appointment

You can self-schedule your proofreading appointment by logging into the Academic Success Center (ASC) Coaching Scheduler  

If you have not already registered for scheduled academic coaching, please select the First Visit? Register for an account link.

If you have already registered for scheduled academic coaching, enter your log-in information, and select the Proofreading Service schedule.

Log-In Screen

Locate the appointment time that corresponds to your purchase. 

Proofreading Session Times 30-minute-3 hours.


Select the appointment space, complete the appointment form.

Select Appointment Space

Complete the Appointment Form.

  • Be sure to select the service that corresponds to your purchase.

Appointment Form Questions

Upload the document that matches the service you purchased. 

  • If you require assistance uploading your document, please email the ASC at

Upload your receipt. 

  • Appointments without a receipt or coupon will be canceled. 

Please Note: The receipt for your purchase will be sent to the email listed on the payment confirmation screen.

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