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The Commons

Posting in The Commons

In many of your communities, you can post conversations, events, uploads, and videos.  Follow the steps below to learn how. 

After logging into The Commons, visit the community in which you want to share a post by clicking on the community name from "My Groups" in the top navigation bar.

  • To start a conversation, click on the red button.  Enter your thought, question, or advice and click the “POST” button. 
  • To share an event, click on the yellow button.  Enter the details and click the “POST” button. 
  • To share a file, click on the green button.  Upload your file, add the title and description, and click the “POST” button. 
  • To share a video, click on the blue button.  Share your video link, add your title and description, and click the “POST” button. 

The Buttons to a Commons Message, Event, File or Video

Post Media in The Commons

Media can be shared in The Commons using the upload and video feature. Images can be added to any conversation or to a description of an event. In the Daily Summary, uploads and videos will not be visible but members will be able to click on the notification link to view or download the media shared.

  • To add an image to a conversation or event, you click on the image icon in the toolbar. 
  • To share an image, audio file, or pdf, click on the green button to upload to your community. 
  • Clicking the “Post” button will share your file with everyone in the community.
  • Members will be notified of uploads in their Daily Summary and will click into The Commons to view or download.Posting and Image in the Commons

Tagging a Person in The Commons and Creating Hashtags

Tagging is a feature that allows you to make sure others see a post within The Commons. This is a great way to help fellow students locate items in The Commons or to bring in others’ expertise into a discussion. 

  • To begin tagging, first, create a new post or create a reply to a comment.
  • To tag someone, type the “@” symbol followed by the first letter or two of their name until a popup menu with their name appears.
  • Selecting their name will finish the tagging process. 
  • You can tag multiple people in your post.
  • The tagged person will receive a notification alerting them of the tagged post.

Tagging in the Commons

Content tagging is a method of labeling posts and helps others quickly find posts on a topic they are interested in, as well as other community members interested in that topic. The more community members tag posts, the greater our capacity to keep connected with what matters to each of us throughout our educational journey.

  • First, create a new post.  All post types (conversation, upload, event, and video) can be tagged.
    You can add a hashtag anywhere within your post and your post will be tagged. To create the hashtag, type the “#” symbol followed by the phrase or keyword you want to label the post with.  
  • A few tips on using hashtags:
    • Hashtags have no spaces between words.
    • Don’t string too many words together. 
    • Use relevant and specific hashtags. 
    • Limit the number of hashtags you use.
  • All posts with the same Hashtag will be grouped together and can be easily reviewed and scanned by clicking on the tag link below the post. 

Hashtags in the Commons

Send a Chat in The Commons

Within The Commons, users can send chats. This is a helpful way to not only build connections within The Commons but a great way to privately have discussions with faculty and students. Remember, if you have specific questions regarding your course enrollment or time-sensitive questions regarding a course assignment, it is best to send an email via your NU email to your advisor or faculty member directly to ensure they can address your concern in a timely manner. 

  • To access the inbox, click on the “Chats” link from the top navbar.

Top navbar with Chats highlighted

  • Chats can be sent by clicking on the “Start a chat” link in your inbox.

 Chat Inbox, Archive, Start a Chat buttons

  • Chats can be sent to multiple recipients. Simply type the person’s name in the “To” field to send them a message. 
  • Share files using the “UPLOAD” button. Click the “SEND” button when done. 
  • The recipient will be notified by email.
  • You can also send a chat by visiting the recipient’s profile page and clicking on the “Start a Chat” button.
  • If you get added to a group chat thread you don’t want to participate in, you can leave it by clicking the exit button.
  • To ensure that all community members feel safe and supported, you also have the ability to report a chat that you have a concern about to the Commons team.  
    • To start click on the alert button at the top of the thread.
    • Click on the yellow yield button next to the chat you would like to report.
    • Once you report a chat, you will see a red yield icon on the chat.  
    • Other members in the thread will not see that you reported the chat.
    • If you want to report more than one chat in a thread, start the process again. 

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