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Internal Funding

NU is committed to supporting innovation in research and scholarly contributions from faculty, staff, and students. To maintain our commitment to a graduate culture, NU offers a number of research funding opportunities and honoraria. These include Faculty Research Awards as well as honoraria funds to recognize faculty, staff, and student research publications, poster sessions and conference presentations. Micro-funding opportunities are available for faculty to provide assistance in locating and writing grants. Funding availability is subject to annual budget approvals, subsequent distribution to, and usage by faculty, staff, and students.

Internal Funding Opportunities

Faculty Research Support Award (FRSA)

The FRSA supports innovation and scholarly productivity by providing NU faculty members with monetary support for pursuing their research agendas. These monies are provided to assist faculty in achieving their research agendas and are in addition to regular faculty duties. These are awarded annually on a rolling basis, worth up to $10,000 each based on approved budget and available funds for a primary applicant submission and up to $15,000 for multiple researcher applications. There are a limited number of FRSA available annually. Final approval is contingent on school or department leadership sign-off.

Click here to access the Faculty and Staff Research Support Funding Manual.

Publication One Time Payment

NU seeks to promote scholarly publications by our faculty, staff, and students with the identification of NU as affiliated with these works. As such, NU provides up to three Publication Honoraria annually throughout the calendar year. These stipends are independent of professional development funds. The number of stipends awarded to faculty (and co-authors) will depend on annual budget approvals and available funds.

Presentation and Poster One Time Payment

NU seeks to promote scholarly presentations and posters by our faculty, staff, and students (current and alumni). In addition to our current recognition for scholarly work, NU is providing scholarly poster and presentation honoraria. These stipends are awarded independent of professional development funds. The number of stipends awarded will depend on annual budget approvals and available funds.

Micro-Funding Opportunities

Tier I and II micro-funding proposals are accepted throughout the year, after completion of proposal development and submission. The OGSP will review applications in coordination with the Graduate School. Awards are dependent on budget approval and fund availability. Tier II micro-funding amounts are determined by the Assistant Dean of the Graduate School and based on the complexity of grant application requirements and the level of faculty expertise and contribution to the process. 

Note: Micro-funding programs and forms are currently under review and revision. Please check back for updated guidance. If you have questions or interest in micro-funding opportunities during the interim, please contact the

Tier 1 funding provides full-time faculty members with a $300 award for the search and identification of an NU appropriate grant. To be considered for funding, the faculty member must submit the Micro-funding Opportunity - Tier 1 Form which includes the results of the search, the justification for the pursuit of the grant to the OGSP, and meet the following criteria.

  • NU must qualify as an eligible entity to receive the identified grant
  • grant must award a minimum of $3,000/year of funding
  • grant must align with NU’s Mission, Vision, and Values
  • grant must align with the mission and strategic direction of the faculty member’s affiliated School
  • The grant must be an original discovery

Tier 2 funding provides full-time faculty members with up to a $3000 award (or equivalent load reduction, as applicable and available) for active participation in the grant writing and submission process. The faculty member will work directly with the OGSP to establish a timeline for completion. The OGSP will provide oversight and guidance throughout the grant writing process to ensure all internal policies and processes are identified and completed ahead of schedule. The faculty member must complete and submit drafts of the assigned grant application element(s), per the established timeline, and the final version must also be submitted for approval by the established timeline. Proposal writing is the responsibility of the faculty member, with guidance and support provided by the OGSP.