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Project Lifecycle

The project lifecycle provides a useful framework for understanding the process. Generally, there are six stages to the process as outlined in the project cycle below. The grant process flowchart provides a high-level view with distinct sub-steps within each stage. Understanding the various stages and steps surrounding the process will likely increase your grant capacity and probability for success. 

Project Lifecycle

The life of a grant follows a cyclical process with many stages of development. While there are various steps at each stage, the project cycle can be divided into two phases – pre-award and post-award. Generally, the pre-award phase includes project conception, grant prospecting, proposal development, and grant submission. The post-award phase includes everything after submission, including accepting and negotiating the award, project management, and grant close-out. Each phase, pre-post award, steps, and sub-steps within the cycle, are critical to completing the process and achieving success.                                   

NCU Grant Process Flowchart

The NU Grant Process Flowchart provides a detailed view of the grant development process, beginning from project conception through project close-out. The OGSP is available to provide assistance throughout the process. The level of support depends on the complexity of the grant, investigator/project director experience, and overall program development needs. If you are interested in applying for a funding opportunity, please ensure you have the approval from your dean, chair, or supervisor and complete the Notice of Intent to Apply form located under Tools and Resources. It is important that leadership and the OGSP are notified early so we can align resources to support your efforts.