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Roles & Responsibilities

Successful management throughout the project cycle requires coordination and collaboration between various individuals and departments across the university, including but not limited to department/school chairs, deans, supervisors, general counsel, legal review, fiscal services, and the institutional review board. The OGSP provides project development support and guidance to navigate and streamline the process of review and approval. 

Roles and Responsibilities

The PI/PD is always the lead on the project and the OGSP provides support and guidance to prepare documents and complete tasks throughout the project cycle. While each have different responsibilities, all are complementary and necessary to fulfill the process and increase the probability for success. The table below represents a general listing of responsibilities performed by the PI/PD and the OGSP, however all projects are unique and roles and responsibilities may shift as a result. 

Project PI/PD Role and Responsibilities
OGSP Role and Responsibilities


  • Notify OGSP at least 20 business days prior to deadline
  • Submit Intent to Apply Form to OGSP
  • Read and review all relevant NU policies and procedures
  • Complete Conflict of Interest Disclosure, CITI training, IRB approval (where relevant)
  • Develop proposal (narrative & budget) according to RFA requirements
  • Ensure cost-sharing, reduced indirect cost (where relevant)
  • Prepare budget to be completed 10 business days prior to deadline
  • Secure supplemental items from team/partners 
  • Communicate with funding agency
  • Review and input final edits
  • Approve final documents for submission 


  • Review sponsor guidelines and ensure compliance
  • Serve as POC for collaborating institutions
  • Attend proposal planning meetings, as requested
  • Provide checklist of required documents for submission
  • Ensure Conflict of Interest and RCR compliance
  • Review and provide edits to proposal and budget
  • Support communication with funding agency
  • Initiate circulation for approvals and signatures
  • Serve as NU AOR, as designated 
  • Review and approve final documents
  • Support preparation of final grant application
  • Support/submit grant application package
  • Support just-in-time requests


  • Implement and manage award
  • Track, monitor, evaluate, and report results
  • Ensure all compliance measures are met and deliverables accomplished
  • Ensure required final documents are updated for master file 


  • Facilitate post-award orientation
  • Manage all post-award negotiations, contracts, sub-awards
  • Provide technical assistance during project implementation
  • Assist with grant closeout and ensure post-award responsibilities are complete
  • Ensure proper file maintenance