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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the first step I should take if I'm interested in submitting an application for funding? 

Refer to the Grant Process Flowchart, located under "Quick Links" on the OGSP Welcome page to gain a better understanding of the process. If you have identified a funding source, carefully review the funder's eligibility requirements, and discuss the opportunity with your supervisor, chair, or dean. You must have approval to pursue funding. This step ensures alignment to school/department and university priorities, and available capacity and resources to support the project. Once you have approval, complete the Notice of Intent to Apply Form on the Tools and Resources page. Submission of this form notifies the OGSP of your intent to apply.  

Can I submit a proposal or application without OGSP review?

All applications and proposals to external funding agencies must be reviewed and authorized by the OGSP before it can be submitted to a sponsor. Complete and submit the Notice of Intent to Apply Form and this will notify our office that you are interested in applying and we will assign OGSP staff to support your request. 

What should I do if I need help finding funding opportunities? 

If you are interested in reviewing/applying for internal grants/awards sponsored by the university, visit the Internal Funding page for updated information. If you are interested in external funding, visit the External Funding page for access to resource links. If you would like to request a customized search for your specific research/project focus, please complete the Funding Request Form located on the Tools and Resources page. 

What about the IRB? Are they involved?

An NU IRB review should be conducted when needed for a proposal or application. The internal NU IRB is very responsive to faculty request and as a result, a review can often be completed prior to the submission of the proposal even though most funders require IRB approval after an award has been made. Information about human subject protocol submissions and review procedures can be found on the IRB Library Guide

Can I receive overload pay for working on a federal grant project?

In short, no. If you are working on a federal project during the academic year the project should fit within your full time schedule. In the case of NU faculty, the academic year is twelve months.

Federal rules and regulations do not allow an individual’s institutional base salary (IBS) to be increased as a result of obtaining sponsored research funding. These federal rules and regulations also restrict the payment of extra, bonus, or other payments outside the individual’s institutional base salary.

The institutional base salary is the annual permanent salary of the employee as it appears in their employment contract or subsequent letters of notice of salary increase/decrease for time spent on activities such as teaching or research. In the case of full time NU faculty, employment contracts are for a twelve month period.

Ref: 2 CFR § 200.430 - Compensation - personal services