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Research Methods

Lesson 7 Required Resources

Your course textbook can be accessed via the Redshelf link in the Getting Started module.

Research and Evaluation in Education and Psychology. Integrating Diversity with Quantitative, Qualitative and Mixed Methods 

Mertens, D. M. (2019). Research and evaluation in education and psychology. Integrating diversity with quantitative, qualitative and mixed methods (5th ed.). Sage Publications. 

  • Read pages 132-138; pay particular attention to the information on internal validity and external validity. You will need to discuss why it is important to demonstrate the validity of quantitative research studies and how internal and external validity can be tested in your Lesson 7 Assignment. 

  • Read pages 279-289; closely review information related to the quality of qualitative research and strategies used to support quality. You will need to understand why it is important to demonstrate the quality of qualitative research studies and identify various strategies for supporting quality for your Lesson 7 Assignment. 

  • Review Table 10.2 (p. 330)  for a comparison of qualitative and quantitative criteria for judging research rigor. Consider how these criteria are similar in what they target, but how they differ in practice (i.e. testing quantitative reliability and validity versus supporting qualitative trustworthiness). You will need to understand how both sets of criteria are important in supporting the value and believability of any research study for your Lesson 7 Assignment.