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Documentation in Social Work

Lesson 4 Required Resources

Professional Writing: Case Notes 

This is a video of a professor who studies social work writing discussing case notes.  

Illinois workNet. (2019). How to write case notes [Video]. YouTube. 

Writing Skill: Characteristics of a Good Paragraph and Common Errors in Sentences and Word Order 

Language & Social Justice  

McCluney, C.L., Robotham, K., Lee, S., Smith, R., & Durkee, M. (2019). The costs of code-switching. Harvard Business Review

APA Style  

Assignment 4: Write a Case Note 

Serena Interview 

This is a hypothetical staged client first interview. The client, Serena, is a single mother who is struggling financially and has a history of substance abuse.  

Alleman, M. (2015). Social work practice skills client interview [Video]. YouTube. 

Chris Interview 

The hypothetical client in this staged interview is an adolescent male. The clinician is talking with the client about safer sex practices. While this is labeled as an example of motivational interviewing, you are only required to listen to the conversation and include what you learn from the interaction in your assignment.  

Fraley, J. (2014). Effective motivational interviewing approach with a teen [Video]. YouTube.