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MKT458 v1

Module 2 Required Resources


Your course textbook can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.

New Products Management

Crawford, M., & Benedetto, A. (2021). New products management (12 ed.). McGraw Hill Higher Education. 

Read the following chapters:

Chapter 4: The Product Concept and Ready Made New Product Ideas 

Chapter 5: New Product Ideas: The Problem-Find- Solve Approach 

Chapter 6: New Product Ideas: Analytical Attribute Approaches 


Viima.(2022). Idea Generation – Innovation Explained. [Video]. 

Stanford Biodesign. (2014). Stage 3-Concept Generation. [Video]. 

ThingsYouNeedToKnowAbout.(2017). Idea Generation. [Video]. 

Jaxx, M. (2017). Idea Generation Techniques: How to Come Up with Creative Ideas. (video). 

Links for Assignments


Discussion 2: 


Assignment 2: Investigate New Product Ideas and Analytical Choices


Quiz 2: Analyze and Differentiate New Product Development Strategy 

#1 GE 


#3 Eli Lily

#4 Boeing

#5 Sondrel

Module 2 Optional Resources