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Module 4 Required Resources


Wallace, P. (2021). Introduction to information systems: People, Technology and Processes (4th ed.). Pearson.

  • No required reading.

Your course textbook can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.

Your course requires a textbook that must be purchased from the NU Bookstore or any other resource of your choosing (for example, on Amazon). 

Module 4 Optional Resources

Why the Ethical use of Data and User Privacy Concerns Matter

Fletcher, C. (2022, February 26). Why the ethical use of data and user privacy concerns matter.

  • Data and its uses pervade the digital economy. From online data mining to AI/ML-enhanced analytics, the range of data sources and tools available on the web is boundless. For every digital user accessing applications, however, there are just as many privacy concerns.
10 Biggest Data Breaches in Finance [Updated August 2022]

Kost, E. (2022, December 1). 10 biggest data breaches in finance [Updated August 2022].

  • Cybercriminals choose their targets based on two conditions—maximum impact and maximum profit. Financial institutions perfectly meet these conditions because they store highly valuable data, and their digital transformation efforts are creating greater opportunities for cyber attackers to access that data.
8 Things to Never Store on Your Smartphone

Cahn, L. (2022, Dec. 14). 8 things to never store on your smartphone. Reader’s Digest [].

  • You might be surprised by the hidden security threats lurking inside your trusty mobile device. Our smartphones are always an arm’s length away, but how many of us are wise to the risks of using them?
89 Must-Know Data Breach Statistics [2022]

Sobers, R. (2022, May 20). 89 must-know data breach statistics [2022].

  • As more and more companies experience crippling security breaches, the wave of compromised data is on the rise. Data breach statistics show that hackers are highly motivated by money to acquire data, and that personal information is a highly valued type of data to compromise. It’s also apparent that companies are still not prepared enough for breaches even though they are becoming more commonplace.
Business Ethics: Definition, Principles, Why They're Important

Twin, A. (2022, September 14). Business ethics: Definition, principles, why they're important. Investopedia.

  • Short and sweet: Michael Josephson's list of the twelve ethical principles for business executives, with a little explanation for each principle.