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Module 4 Required Resources


5 reverse logistics examples for successful returns management
Mecalux. (n.d.). 5 reverse logistics examples for successful returns management

  • The article by Mecalux covers several reverse logistics examples for successful returns management. This article will be helpful in identifying companies that have well-established reverse logistics processes.

A Guide to Reverse Logistics
Jenkins, A. (2021, January 14). A guide to reverse logistics: How it works, types and strategies. Oracle NetSuite.

  • The article by Jenkins offers a guide to reverse logistics. It covers the following topics: the reverse logistics process, reverse logistics supply chain, when reverse logistics is used, reverse vs. traditional logistics, forward and reverse logistics processes, and steps to ensure a good reverse logistics process.

15 Things You Need to Know About Reverse Logistics
Team, S. (2022, April 12). 15 things you need to know about reverse logistics. Sifted.

  • An informative article that covers 15 important considerations regarding reverse logistics.

Everything About eCommerce Reverse Logistics
ClickPost. (2023, Jan 4). Everything about eCommerce reverse logistics.

  • The article above discusses how eCommerce reverse logistics works.

A complete guide on e-commerce reverse logistics
Logistics, iThink. (2018, November 15). A complete guide on e-commerce reverse logistics. IThink Logistics | Blogs.

  • The article above provides a detailed guide on reverse logistics in eCommerce.

Reverse Logistics (n.d.). Reverse logistics - supply chain 24/7 topic.

  • The site above offers numerous supporting articles on reverse logistics.

Reverse Logistics
Bhasin, H. (2019, September 12). Reverse logistics: Meaning, and examples of reverse logistics. Marketing91.

  • Bhasin provides a great background on reverse logistics with several supporting examples.

9 best small business CRMs
Rebelo, M. (2023, March 9). 9 best small business CRMs | Zapier.

  • Robelo provides a good starting point to explore potential CRM software that a business can leverage. Continue to explore others based on your company.