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Module 1 Required Resources


Read the following chapters:

  • Chapter 1 – Looking at Classroom Teaching and Learning 
    • This chapter identifies what teachers need in an effective leader and how collegial schools prioritize time, focus, and a variety of structures for observation, coaching, and classroom support. You will examine yourself as an instructional leader and how to begin organizing your focus on student learning.    
  • Chapter 2 – Structures for Professional Learning 
    • This chapter presents promising structures for fostering meaningful professional learning to address teachers’ developmental needs as adult learners. It will build your understanding of user-friendly structures, such as clinical supervision, collegial coaching, co-teaching, Critical Friends Groups, and practitioner research. You will return to Chapter 2 throughout the course to discuss effective coaching practices. 

Assignment Resources


Commission on Teacher Credentialing. (2009, October 1). California Standards for the Teaching Profession.

These standards delineate and define six interrelated domains of California teaching practice. Use this document for teachers to select 1 or 2 standards as goals or focus of the observation. You will discuss the CSTP with your volunteer teacher during the Pre-Observation Conference and refer to them throughout each of the course assignments.


Commission on Teacher Credentialing. (June, 2012). The Continuum of Teaching.

The Continuum of Teaching Practice is a tool for self-reflection, goal setting, and inquiry into practice. It provides common language about teaching and learning and can be used to promote professional growth within an environment of collegial support. Self-assessment data can support teachers in making informed decisions about their ongoing development as professionals. Use this document to support teacher reflection. You and the volunteer teacher will discuss the CSTP during the Pre-Observation Conference and as a reference throughout each of the course assignments.