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Module 3 Required Resources



Read the following chapter:

  • Chapter 4 - Talking With Teachers: Interpersonal Skills for Leaders
    • This chapter will build your understanding of instructional leaders' different interpersonal approaches: directive control, directive informational, collaborative, and non-directive  to provide feedback that aligns with teachers’ needs.   



Module 3 Optional Resources


The following chapters are optional reading.


  • Chapter 2 – Structures for Professional Learning 
    • You may wish to return to this chapter to review the Clinical Supervision Steps and forms you can use for the focused observation and the analysis of your volunteer’s lesson. 
  • Chapter 3, Observing, Assessing, and Evaluating Instruction: Technical and Procedural Skills for Leaders
    • This chapter includes examples of forms that you can use to collect data during the observation.


The following videos are optional but were provided to support your learning.