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Module 4 Required Resources


Read the following chapters:

  • Chapter 5 - Differentiating Your Approach to Meet Teachers’ Developmental Needs 

    • This chapter builds on the interpersonal skills and approaches outlined in Chapter 4 that will help you determine when and how to use specific approaches according to teachers’ stages of development, interpersonal identities, and competence levels. 

  • Chapter 6 - Immediate Response Skills: Making the Most of Teachable Moments

    • This chapter introduces a new set of immediate response skills - noticing, ignoring, intervening, pointing, unpacking, and processing that can be sequenced to support teacher learning. These skills will help you capitalize on teachable moments when you work with teachers to improve student learning. 

  • Chapter 7 - Social-Emotional Wellness and the Drive to Improve Practice 

    • Working closely with teachers to improve teaching and learning requires embracing emotional intelligence. Instructional leaders must recognize and support their social-emotional wellness.