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PED630 v1

Module 2 Required Resources


Gresham, F. (2017). Effective Interventions for Social-Emotional Learning. Guilford Press. 

  • Chapter 1: Definitional and Conceptual Issues in Social-Emotional Learning 
  • Chapter 2: Evidence Base for Social-Emotional Learning Interventions 
  • Chapter 3: Assessment of Social-Emotional Learning Interventions 

Alberto, P. A., Troutman, A. C., & Axe. J. (2022). Applied behavior analysis for teachers (10th ed.). Pearson.  

  • Chapter 4: Procedures for Collecting Data 
  • Chapter 7: Determining the Function of Behavior 

Bambara, L.M. & Kern, L. (2021). Individualized supports for students with problem behaviors: Designing positive behavior plans (2nd ed). Guilford Press.  

  • Chapter 8: Gathering Functional Assessment  Information 
  • Chapter 9: Developing Hypothesis Statements 

Your course textbooks can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.