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Week 2 Required Resources


Feifer, S. G. (2021). The neuropsychology of reading disorders: A compendium of research-based intervention. School Neuropsych Press, LLC.


  • Chapter 3 - The Anxious Brain and Reading (pp. 75-104)
  • Chapter 4 - The Bilingual Brain (pp. 105-140)



SPP 89: Dr. Steven Feifer (57:42) 

School Psyched Podcast. (2019, September 22). SPP 89: Dr. Stephen Feifer [Video]. YouTube. 

This video includes a conversation with Dr. Feifer regarding the FAR (an assessment tool for dyslexia).  The video below includes a quick overview of the FAR, and Dr. Feifer explores how RTI SLD eligibility can be used to identify dyslexia as a specific learning disability.  As a school psychologist, you will be tasked with identifying dyslexia in students.  Understanding the nuances of the assessment process is critical to your success in supporting students with reading difficulties.

Dyslexia Screening Using WIAT-4 Dyslexia Index (17:23) 

Kimbell, A. (2021, March 2). WIAT-4 dyslexia index: Used for screening [Video]. YouTube. 

This video is designed to provide an overview of the WIAT-4 and how it can be used as part of the dyslexia assessment.  The dyslexia index in the battery is explored.