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Week 3 Required Resources


Feifer, S. G. (2021). The neuropsychology of reading disorders: A compendium of research-based intervention. School Neuropsych Press, LLC.


  • Chapter 5 - The Comprehension Connection (pp. 141-172)
  • Chapter 6 - Introduction to the FAR (pp. 173-204)



Reading Instruction: The Big 5 Overview (10:38) 

Katlyn’s learning Studio. (2017, July 12). Reading instruction: The big 5 overview. [Video] YouTube.   

This video explains the big five related to reading and how those elements influence and impact reading. It is important to understand how reading is developed and the skills needed to be successful readers. There are five main aspects to reading, and if any one of these skills is less developed or underdeveloped, the reading skills of an individual can be compromised. 

Sonday System Product Demonstration (7:09) 

Winsorlearninginc. (2011, September 13). Sonday system product demonstration.[Video]YouTube. 

When students have reading challenges, it is the responsibility of the school team to determine how to best support the student in developing reading skills. There are several reading programs used in school districts; we will review just a few.  This video provides an overview of the Sonday reading system. This program is used in many public schools to address the needs of students with dyslexia profiles.   

What is the Wilson Reading System and Who is it For? (1:59) 

Readwood literacy. (2022, August 9). What is the Wilson reading system and who is it for? [Video] YouTube.   

This video provides information about the Wilson Reading System, which is designed to address the needs of students learning to read.   The program is explored in this video.  The Wilson Reading System is a program commonly used in public schools. 

What is Orthon-Gillingham? (11:30) 

The parent teacher bridge. (2020, June 17). What is Orthon-Gillingham? [Video]. YouTube. 

This video explored the Orton-Gillingham reading intervention. Orton-Gillingham is another reading intervention program offered in several public schools.     

Review of Reading Intervention Program SIPPS (5:03) 

Mihalenko, G. (2018, February 09). Review of reading intervention program SIPPS. [Video]. YouTube. 

This video reviews the aspects of the Systemic Instruction of Phonological Awareness, Phonics, and Sight Words (SIPPS) reading intervention program.  This intervention aligns with state standards and is used in many districts as a Tier I, Tier II, and Tier III intervention using RTI/MTSS.