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PSY302 v1

Week 1 Required Resources


Read the following sections indicated for each chapter:

Chapter 1: Welcome to Sport and Exercise Psychology 

  • Defining Sport and Exercise Psychology (p. 4) 
  • Specializing in Sport and Exercise Psychology (p. 4) 
  • Distinguishing Between Two Specialties (p. 5) 
  • Reviewing the History of Sport and Exercise Psychology (p. 7) 

Chapter 3: Personality and Sport 

  • Defining Personality (p. 34) 
  • Understanding Personality Structure (p. 34) 
  • Studying Personality from Six Viewpoints (p. 35) 
  • Examining Cognitive Strategies and Success (p. 51) 
  • Identifying Your Role in Understanding Personality (p. 55) 

Chapter 4: Motivation 

  • Defining Motivation (p. 60) 
  • Reviewing Three Approaches to Motivation (p. 60) 
  • Building Motivation with Five Guidelines (p. 62) 
  • Developing a Realistic View of Motivation (p. 68) 
  • Understanding Achievement Motivation and Competitiveness (p. 69)  
  • Identifying Four Theories of Achievement Motivation (p. 69) 
  • Developing Achievement Motivation and Competitiveness (p. 76) 
  • Using Achievement Motivation in Professional Practice (p. 78) 

Chapter 5: Arousal, Stress, and Anxiety 

  • Defining Arousal and Anxiety (p. 84) 
  • Defining Stress and Understanding the Stress Process (p. 89) 
  • Identifying Sources of Stress and Anxiety (p. 90) 
  • Connecting Arousal and Anxiety to Performance (p. 93) 
  • Applying Knowledge to Professional Practice (p. 102) 

Your course textbook can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.


Real Sports segment, The Price of Youth Sports

HBO. (2018, No 28). The price of youth sports. [Video]. YouTube.

Watch the Real Sports segment, The Price of Youth Sports, below and consider how the field of Sport Psychology fits in. 

Week 1 Optional Resources


Review the following PowerPoints to gain additional insights into this week's concepts.