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PSY302 v1

Week 4 Required Resources


Read the following sections indicated for each chapter: 

Chapter 18: Exercise and Psychological Well-Being

  • Mental Health (p. 430) 
  • Reducing Anxiety and Depression With Exercise (p. 434)  
  • Enhancing Quality of Life With Exercise (p. 446) 
  • Examining Runner’s High (p. 447) 

Chapter 20: Athletic Injuries and Psychology 

  • What is Injury? (p. 487) 
  • Relationship Between Stress and Injury (p. 492) 
  • Other Psychologically Based Explanations for Injury (p. 492)  
  • Psychological Reactions to Exercise and Athletic Injuries (p. 496)  
  • Roles of Sport Psychology in Injury Rehabilitation (p. 498)  
  • Identify Athletes and Exercisers Who Are at Risk of Injury (p. 500) 

Chapter 22: Burnout and Overtraining 

  • Definitions of Overtraining, Staleness, and Burnout (p. 546) 
  • Models of Burnout (p. 549) 
  • Factors Leading to Athlete Overtraining and Burnout (p. 552) 
  • Treatment and Prevention of Overtraining and Burnout (p. 561)  

Chapter 23: Children and Sport Psychology 

  • Importance of Studying the Psychology of Young Athletes (p. 569) 
  • Understanding Youth Sports Systems (p. 570) 
  • Children’s Reasons for Participation and Nonparticipation (p. 571)  
  • Role of Friends in Youth Sport (p. 576) 
  • Stress and Burnout in Children’s Competitive Sport (p. 579)  
  • Effective Coaching Practices for Young Athletes (p. 582) 
  • Role of Parents (p. 585) 
  • The Professionalism of Children’s Sport (p. 589 )

Your course textbook can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.


The following list of podcasts feature current thought leaders. Review them and identify one podcast to listen to this week. 


Review the following article to complete your Week 4 Discussion. 


Sidelined: Youth Sports Injuries

HBO. (2019, Dec 3). Real sports with Bryant Gumbel: Sidelined - youth sports injuries. [Video]. YouTube.

Watch the following video to learn more about this topic. 

Week 4 Optional Resources


Review the following PowerPoints to gain additional insights into this week's concepts. 


Review the following articles for a deeper dive on the Week 4 Discussion topic.