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PSY302 v1

Week 2 Required Resources


Read the following sections indicated for each chapter:  

Chapter 7: Feedback, Reinforcement, and Intrinsic Motivation 

  • Behavior Modification and Cognitive Behavior Therapy (p. 140) 
  • Intrinsic Motivation and Extrinsic Rewards (p. 140) 
  • How Extrinsic Rewards Affect Intrinsic Motivation in Sport (p. 147) 
  • Strategies for Increasing Intrinsic Motivation (p. 151) 
  • Flow – A Special Case of Intrinsic Motivation (p. 151) 

Chapter 8: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 

  • Definition of Culture, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Cultural Competence (p. 162) 
  • Cultural Sport and Exercise Psychology Research (p. 166) 
  • Benefits of Diversity and Inclusion (p. 177) 
  • Strategies for Diversifying Sport and Physical Activity and Creating Inclusive Environments (p. 178) 

Chapter 9: Team Dynamics and Cohesion 

  • Definition of Cohesion (p. 201) 
  • Conceptual Model of Cohesion (p. 202) 
  • Tools for Measuring Cohesion (p. 204) 
  • Relationship Between Cohesion and Performance (p. 206) 
  • Others Factors Associated With Cohesion (p. 207) 
  • Strategies for Enhancing Cohesion (p. 210) 
  • Guidelines for Building Team Cohesion (p. 214) 

Chapter 12: Introduction to Psychological Skills Training (PST)

  • What Psychological Skills Training (PST) Entails (p. 274) 
  • Why PST is Important (p. 274) 
  • Why Sport and Exercise Participants Neglect PST (p. 276) 
  • Myths About PST (p. 278) 
  • PST Knowledge Base (p. 278) 
  • PST Effectiveness (p. 280) 
  • Three Phases of PST Programs (p. 282) 
  • Self-Regulation: The Ultimate Goal of PST (p. 283) 
  • Who Should Conduct PST Programs (p. 284) 
  • When to Implement a PST Program (p. 285) 

Your course textbook can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.



How To Enter Flow State on Command

Big Think. (2022, May 1). How to enter ‘flow state’ on command | Steven Kotler for Big Think [Video]. YouTube. 

Watch the following video to learn more about this concept.