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The Commons

The Daily Summary

The Daily Summary is a notification email sent to all Commons members when new activity occurs in the communities they belong to. The summary is run daily and gets emailed out to the email on file in The Commons. Members are notified of new posts as well as comments made to posts they made or are following. The first 512 characters of the post will appear in the summary. 

  • If a post is longer than 512 characters, users can easily read the rest of the post by clicking on the link to the post. 
  • Users can also open the post or comment directly from the Daily Summary to like and comment on it.
  • Users will not see their own posts in the Daily Summary, but can easily see if other users have liked their posts in the “You are liked” section.
  • If another user replies to a comment a user has posted or is following, it will appear in the Daily Summary indented allowing you to quickly distinguish new posts from new comments. 


Managing your Commons notifications can be done by changing your account settings. You can change the frequency of your notifications, what type of activity you want to be notified of, and how you want to be notified when you are tagged or have a chat message.

  • Click on your image or Me dropdown in the upper right-hand corner to open up the options list.
  • Click on the “Account” link.
  • Click on “Notifications settings” on the menu to change your settings.
  • Change the settings to your personal preferences and click the “SAVE” button to make the changes.

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