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Module 1 Required Resources


Your course textbook can be accessed via the eDART link in the Getting Started module.

Lee, R. H. (2015). Economics for healthcare managers (3rd ed.). Hardbound

  • Chapter 1: Why Health Economics? 
  • Chapter 2: An Overview of the US Healthcare System 
  • Chapter 3: An Overview of the Healthcare Financing System 
  • Chapter 4: Describing, Evaluating, and Managing Risk 
  • Chapter 5: Understanding Costs 

This is an accelerated learning program. Be prepared to read multiple chapters each week. You will cover five chapters of this first module. This will help you build the foundational skills for the rest of the month. You will revisit many of the concepts from these chapters throughout the month, so it is acceptable if you do not feel that you have mastered them completely. Also, the chapters in the textbook are relatively short. In each module hereafter, you will only have to read four chapters.