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Module 3 Required Resources


Your course textbook can be accessed via the eDART link in the Getting Started module.

Lee, R. H. (2015). Economics for healthcare managers (3rd ed.). Hardbound

  • Chapter 11: Maximizing Profits 
  • Chapter 12: Pricing 
  • Chapter 13: Asymmetric Information and Incentives 
  • Chapter 14: Economic Analysis of Clinical and Managerial Interventions 

You will learn about the different ways insurers, providers, and various stakeholders maximize profits, and the role of the healthcare administrator in setting prices and helping leaders make financial and pricing decisions to maximize profits for the organizations. Read these chapters to build a stronger foundation as you delve deeper into these important and necessary concepts. The chapters will help you understand pricing decisions set forth by healthcare providers and other stakeholders, and the need to reduce costs while providing high-quality care.