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Week 1 Required Resources


Social Psychology in Sport
Davis, L., Keegan, R., & Jowett, S. (2025). Social psychology in sport (2nd ed.). Human Kinetics, Inc.

  • Read Chapters 1-5.
    • Chapter 1 sets the stage by examining the Quality Coach-Athlete Relationship. We study the coach-athlete dyad, exploring the 3+1Cs Model comprising Closeness, Commitment, Complementarity, and Co-orientation. Additionally, we investigate the influence of intrapersonal factors such as gender, personality, and passion for sport on relationship quality while also outlining practical implications through the COMPASS Model.
    • Chapter 2 highlights the importance of Conflict and Communication in Coach-Athlete Relationships. We navigate through theories and research on interpersonal and group conflict in sport, elucidating the determinants of conflict emergence, escalation, and contagion. Furthermore, we look at communication strategies for conflict management and explore outcomes affecting performance, well-being, and relationships.
    • Chapter 3 shifts our focus to the application of Attachment Theory in understanding sport relationships. Fundamental principles of attachment theory are explored, along with its adaptation to adolescence and adulthood. We dissect recent advances in attachment research within sport contexts and discuss practical implications for fostering secure attachments.
    • Chapter 4 turns to Athlete Maltreatment to analyze the prevalence and forms of maltreatment in sport, including psychological, physical, and neglect. We examine power dynamics inherent in maltreatment scenarios and explore avenues for athletes to reclaim agency. Practical implications for preventing and addressing maltreatment are also discussed.
    • Lastly, Chapter 5 emphasizes the criticality of Parental Involvement in Youth Sport by dissecting theories and research on parental influences, consequences, and types of involvement. We explore strategies for enhancing parental involvement and discuss its implications for both parents and children.

Your course textbook can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.

Case Studies

The following case studies are provided to complete Assignment 1: Identify Topic and Group Leader for Coach Education Project.

Week 1 Optional Resources