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Week 4 Required Resources


Social Psychology in Sport
Davis, L., Keegan, R., & Jowett, S. (2025). Social psychology in sport (2nd ed.). Human Kinetics, Inc.

Read chapters 20-24. 

  • Chapter 20 presents a holistic and lifespan perspective on athletes' dual and post-athletic careers using the Holistic Athletic Career (HAC) model. This chapter further explores the normative developmental stages and transitions athletes undergo across various domains, highlighting the challenges and barriers during these periods and offering strategies for research and support in dual career environments. 

  • Chapter 21 discusses the importance of safe sports environments and reviews key models such as the International Safeguards for Children in Sport. They address the conceptualization and measurement of safeguarding culture, emphasizing internal and external contextual factors, and conclude with suggestions for practice to support safe sports cultures. 

  • Chapter 22 defines prosocial and antisocial behaviors in sports and reviews the literature on their antecedents and predictors. It discusses the impact of these behaviors on individual and team functioning, highlighting practical recommendations for promoting prosocial behavior in athletes. 

  • Chapter 23 defines concepts and theories of individual and team resilience, providing an overview of related research. Chapter 23 also highlights the influence of sociocultural and relational factors on resilience and offers practical strategies for coaches to foster resilience in athletes and shape the sports environment. 

  • Finally, Chapter 24 provides an overview of the emerging body of thriving research in sport. As such, it offers a detailed explanation of the term thriving along with its theoretical mechanisms, an insight into the psychosocial enablers of thriving in athletes, and a contemporary overview of research in the area. The chapter ends with suggestions for promoting thriving in athletes and coaches and more widely in sports organizations. 

Your course textbook can be accessed via the DART eBook link in the Getting Started module.

Week 4 Optional Resources