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Faculty Resources

This guide provides faculty members both resources and tips to assist them in guiding students to the Academic Success Center's (ASC) resources and services.

Academic Success Center Faculty Resources

Welcome to the Academic Success Center's (ASC) Faculty Resource guide. Faculty Word CloudThis guide has graphics depicting the different ASC resources in "Learn the ASC." "For Students" has suggested language to use when giving feedback to students, encouraging them to attend an ASC Orientation or to use our writing and statistics resources and services. This tab also has suggested resources and tips to assist with English Language Learners (ELL). The "Collaborate" tab has the ASC Collaboration Forms, along with an overview of where to send the form and the next steps the ASC staff will take to reach out to students.  The "Presentations" tab has presentations given at symposium and various faculty meetings focusing on clarifying ASC services and faculty member-ASC staff collaboration. Finally, the "Sample Coaching Plans" tab provides faculty members with a sample coaching plan for both writing and statistics. Remember that students can self-select to send faculty members their coaching plans, so encourage your students to share them with you!

This page is meant to provide faculty members with resources to assist them in understanding the ASC's resources and services as well as providing them with some common language and resources to provide students to encourage them to visit the ASC. If there is an additional resource that you would like, email and let us know.

We are here to help and to partner with you in helping students achieve academic success!

The ASC Team

Helpful Resources for Faculty Members

ASC Resources and Services

This informative graphic provides a visual image of which tier to send students to depending on their needs and questions.

ASC Resources and Services

Dark blue key with two gears belowASC Collaboration Forms

Faculty members, please use the collaboration form to recommend a student who would benefit from academic coaching. Please provide as much information as possible to assist ASC staff in developing a personalized collaboration letter. Students will receive an invitation to collaborate and the faculty member will be CC'd on the communication. Complete this form and email it to


ASC Cheat Sheet: Quick Tips

To assist you with getting students to resources and services as efficiently as possible, here are some quick tips and suggested links/resources for you:

  • Academic coaching is skill-based, not deliverable-based. Students can register for coaching using the Coaching Scheduler and here is a page to assist them.
  • Writing coaching focuses on higher order skills such as paraphrasing, idea alignment, and synthesis/analysis.
  • Students can self-schedule recorded and group sessions. Individual Sessions need to be scheduled via ASC Chat. See our Scheduled Academic Coaching page and recommend it to students for more information.
  • Students in any "CMP" designated course (portfolio, prospectus, or exam) can utilize all of our self-directed resources and Ask a Coach plus group sessions. CMP students cannot use recorded or individual sessions until they move into their dissertation courses.
    • See our FAQ for more information and the link to the policy
    • We have group sessions for most of the prospectus components. See our Group Sessions guide for more details.
  • Students can elect to use the Proofreading Service at any time during their program. Proofreaders provide students with assistance related to APA formatting, sentence structure, grammar, and other areas of scholarly writing. Proofreaders do not provide feedback related to the content of the document.
  • Collaboration between students, faculty, and coaches is encouraged! One way to begin that collaboration is to encourage students to self-select to send you their coaching plan. You can also ask students if you can view their session recordings.
  • Faculty members are welcome to use our Ask a Coach page by searching our FAQs, submitting a question, or chatting live with an academic coach via ASC Chat.
  • Faculty members are welcome to attend group or individual sessions with a student. Have the student schedule the session and forward you the Zoom meeting link.

The shared goal is to get students the assistance they need to be successful. If you have a student who would benefit from our assistance, direct them to the ASC or fill out a collaboration form (available on the ASC homepage) so we can reach out.

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