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Legal Writing Resources

This guide contains all of the ASC's legal writing resources.


IRAC: Writing Effective Legal Analysis


What is IRAC?


IRAC is the structure that all lawyers write in to portray your legal arguments in a clear and concise manner.                                                                                                                                                                           


Why am I expected  understand the IRAC format?                                      


Legal professionals are expected to follow the IRAC when structuring a legal argument


When will I be expected  to use      IRAC?    

In legal writing, your ‘discussion’ section is usually comprised of several IRACs and sub-IRACs.

Most legal doctrines and rule statements contain necessary parts (e.g., elements, factors, etc.).

  • Each of those parts must receive their own IRAC.
    • For example, to have an enforceable contract, there generally must be an offer, acceptance of that offer, and consideration.


Why are there several IRAC's?

You will need an overall IRAC that analyzes whether there is a contract as well as IRACs within that IRAC.

For each of the elements of a contract,

  • the IRACs within the larger IRAC go in the larger IRAC’s ‘analysis’ portion.
  • You will need an overall IRAC that analyzes the broad legal issue: 

    • For example, there is a contract, which will be made of IRACs for each sub-issue/element.

    • For example, for a contract you would potentially have an IRAC for offer, acceptance, and consideration.

IRAC Format




What is the issue before the court, stated in terms of the relevant law and relevant facts?



What is the governing law for the issue?



Explain how the rule (governing law) applies to the facts.


Conclusion: In 1-2 sentences restate the issue and provide the final answer.